17 Random Acts for #WorldKindnessDay from Watson's

Posted on 13 November 2015

by Tara Pietrykowski

We’re celebrating World Kindness Day at our office today and being extra, super nice to our colleagues all afternoon.  Not that we’re not kind to each other every day, (ahem) ! At Watson’s Bodywear, we know the importance of being warm and fuzzy, whether it's in your base layers or your heart. 
World Kindness Day isn’t just about remembering to be kind to your friends and family, though. Those are the people we are most likely to be good to, anyway. It’s also about being kind to everyone else around us and, let’s face it, we could all use the reminder! Who here hasn’t angrily honked at the car that cut us off or cursed the old lady ahead of us in line for paying in exact change (down to the penny!)? We can all get caught up in the hecticness of our own lives and it’s great to have this day to reflect. We are, of course, all in this together.

But where to start?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s a list of random acts of kindness that you can practice today, straight from the staff at Watson’s Bodywear:

  • Give up your seat on public transportation. No, not just to the old, infirm or pregnant. To anyone.
  • Get coffee for the interns at work that are usually tasked with getting coffee for everyone else.
  • Email your parents. Thank them profusely. For everything.
  • If your parents suck, email the person who has always been there for you.
  • Be there for somebody.
  • Tell a stranger in a dressing room who’s shopping alone that they look great in that outfit.
  • Be gentle with animals. 

  • Give a positive review to something online. Choose the last restaurant you ate at, hotel you stayed in or salon you visited for a haircut.
  • Pick 3 items out of your closet that you never wear and donate them.
  • Write a friend's name in the sand at the beach while you're on holiday and send them a picture so they know you thought of them. 

  • Smile at a mother whose baby is crying in public. Everyone else is scowling at her.
  • Be happy for others.
  • Compliment an older person’s outfit, hair or makeup. Compliments can come few and far between as we age.
  • Make a list of your 50 favorite things about a friend who is going through a hard time. Snail mail it to them.

  • Like someone’s selfies on Facebook. We know you hate selfies but it’ll make that person feel great.
  • Let someone cut in front of you in line at the grocery store.
  • Above all, be silly. With yourself, with the people you love and especially with strangers. 


Get out there and make someone’s day! If it’s cold out, #WearYourWatsons. If you don’t have any base layers, get some here: www.mywatsons.ca

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  • Lisa : November 14, 2015

    Such a great read especially as it starts to get cold out and people start keeping to themselves such small gestures can really warm up someone’s day! Great read!!

  • Fiona Foy: November 13, 2015

    I love world kindness day! Everyday should be world kindness day :) Great writing Tara!

  • Fiona Foy: November 13, 2015

    I love world kindness day! Everyday should be world kindness day :) Great writing Tara!

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