5 Reasons To Get Into Your Baselayers On Thanksgving

Posted on 27 November 2015

by Tara Pietrykowski

Thanksgiving: loads of family, food, fun and gratitude. Phew! Now that the turkey dinner is out of the way, what are you going to do with the rest of your holiday weekend?

With the kids off of school and the office closed until Monday, it can be tempting to laze around, watching Netflix until our eyeballs bleed or catching up on household chores that never seem to get done. Instead, why not gather up that family that you are so grateful for and go spend some quality time outside?

 Here are a few ideas of what to do once you're out there:

1 - Mini Pumpkin Hunt:
  • Treasure hunts are fun for any age, both kids and adults (larger kids). Hide a bunch of mini gourds around your property and let the search begin. Have a prize for the person who finds the most!


2 - Capture the Flag:

  • This game is a favorite for all ages! What family doesn't love a little good-natured competition? Plus, you'll really get your bodies moving, working off all those extra calories! See the rules of the game here:  http://bit.ly/1NyLAm6

     3 - Decorate the Driveway:

    • Grab some colorful chalk and get everyone to decorate the driveway or sidewalk with drawings of the things they are thankful for this holiday!

    Photo Credit: Christa Marie

    4 - Go Pick a Tree:

    • Now that Thanksgiving has arrived, we're all allowed to start thinking of the next big holiday down the road! Picking a tree is the first item on the Christmas to-do list and what better time than when the family is all together?


    5 - Scavenger Hunt:

    • This one will get you walking all over the neighborhood! It's a race to get all the items on the list ticked off before anybody else does. Be sure to bring an smart phone to capture to the images of what you've found. Create your own list of use this one:  http://bit.ly/21kbHBf

    There you have it! In other words, don't just sit around in your P.J.'s this weekend. Jump into your Watson's Baselayers and go outside! 

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