Element Collection

Watson's collection element soft modal cotton blend

Breathe Easy. We’ve Got You Covered.

Watson’s Men’s Breathable Underwear are a Winning Combination of Style, Substance, and Sleekness

Whether you want to perform at your peak or simply unwind in every possible way, having a comfortable and supportive pair of underwear on is a critical matter. Of course, when the hot weather hits, this need amplifies, so it’s good to have a reliable, durable, and very-much breathable solution you can count on.

Enter Watson’s men’s breathable underwear, engineered from the waistline down to deliver exceptional airflow and comfort. Whether you’re relaxing in the backyard or driving home from the office during a heatwave, they’ll keep you cool and at ease. We dare to deliver straightforward design innovations that make sense to the wearer, focusing on materials and feeling more than special features. That way, you benefit from a better fit, complete with no sweating or discomfort.

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