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Watson’s underwear is inspired by the modern man who values work and life balance.
The self-assured Watson’s man is
Which gives the Watson’s guy the "Smart Ass” attitude that makes him so quirky and sexy!
From briefs to boxers and trunks, Watson’s offers styles for every type of activities.
We understand that the modern man’s needs are more elaborate than the typical boxers or briefs choice. Different underwear for different occasions.
He doesn’t choose the same underwear for his every day activities or for working out, as he does for dating.
His go-to underwear is based on the ultimate comfort, quality and durability.
Also, the support factor in all of his movements is essential, whether they bunch up or hike up his thighs & let's not forget… the “bulge” effect.
Always on the forefront of trends, the brand also features new designs, trendy colours, cool patterns and everyday essentials.
Watson’s also offers performance underwear that is both ideal for the gym and team sports,
supporting what’s important when moving and keeping you always cool.
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Proudly founded in 1863, the Watson’s brand has built a solid reputation based on innovation, know-how and product expertise;
producing quality, comfort and high value underwear.
Today, more than 155 years later, we continue to grow and innovate with the help of our clients and partners;
which translates into solid expertise in the creation, development and production of high-quality men’s underwear.
Our strong and industry-savvy leadership team, our excellence in sourcing the best components, assembling and coordinating
the resources needed to manufacture the finest products, has allowed us to lead the industry and most importantly
to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of our clients.
Watson's was at the forefront of the evolution and democratization of men's underwear.
From the traditional Coverall & Long Johns to the 80s, with the arrival of controversial, body revealing advertising campaigns by top brands,
where the boxer really took off and became a masculine fashion statement.


In 1982, Château Bodywear acquired the Watson’s brand and over the years, has successfully developed the brand
into a dynamic and contemporary Men’s underwear line.
Château Bodywear Inc, is a strategic partner of choice and leading supplier in the world market, with experience gained
through exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights over the years for many American & European premium brands
and for many North American retailer’s private labels.